l'autre LIVRE

The Jewish Parrot and Other Judeo-Spanish Tales

de Aude SAMAMA

et Vanessa PFISTER-MESAVAGE (traducteur)

Mr. Abraham Behar, a rich merchant from Istanbul has just lost his wife. His friends are worried about him because he is lonely and sad, so they suggest he remarry or adopt a pet. Mr. Behar refuses repeatedly, but finally he gives in and decides to go to New York where you can find anything and even more. To his surprise he meets....a Jewish parrot that he purchases on the spot. Whether traditional or contemporary, Judeo-Spanish tales carry the memory of Sephardic Jews, their wisdom, life style and most of all, their humor. Because the Ottoman Jews did not live in ghettos, they also borrowed many elements from their Greek, Turkish, Armenian neighbors and they never missed an opportunity to have them play a role in their tales!

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